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Mayangi Poyi

Movie: Nottam

A song about being mesmerized in love.

Kuruvaa Kaavile

Movie: Star

A folk song about the sights and sounds of a festival.

Pacha Panamthathe

Movie: Nottam

A popular earworm of the 2000s.


Album: God

A song in the form of a letter to Jesus telling how much He means to the person singing.


Album: God

A song of repentance asking Jesus to show mercy and kindness and bring you back into his flock of sheep.

Amma Mazhakkarinu

Movie: Madampi

A song which expresses deep penance and forgiveness.


Movie: Odiyan

A folk song.

Neela Neela

Movie: Ente Mezhuthiri Athazhangal

A romantic song about spending time with your loved one


Movie: Soofiyum Sujathayum

A song about how God is everything.

Vathikkalu Vellaripravu

Movie: Soofiyum Sujathayum

A song expressing stirrings of love.

Kolussu Thenni Thenni

Movie: Cousins

A catchy fast-paced dance song.

Chembarathi Kammalittu

Movie: Manikyakkallu

A song describing nature.

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