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Movie: Nayattu

A song about a drunk octopus with wobbly legs.


Movie: How Old Are You

A song which contemplates about forgotten dreams and the determination to grab them back.

Oru Rajamalli

Movie: Aniyathipraavu

Sudhi wonders about the unknown beauty who captured his heart.

Kolussu Thenni Thenni

Movie: Cousins

A catchy fast-paced dance song.

Maavilakudil Painkili

Movie: Ramante Edanthottam

A song about nature in a jungle.

Oru Mezhuthiriyude

Movie: Vishudhan

A song about how love affects your life.

Marakkan Ullathu

Movie: Kadhaveedu

A sad melody about separation.

Neela Kannulla

Movie: Kochavva Paulo Ayyappa Coelho

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A sweet melody.

Akale Oru

Movie: Ramante Edanthottam

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Malini and Raman spend some time in Raman’s Edanthottam.


Movie: Take Off

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Shaheed expresses his feelings for Sameera.

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