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Onnam Raagam

Movie: Thoovanathumbikal

A song about a love story unfolding around the temple.


Movie: Pakshe

A song about how pain stays with someone through the night.

Allimalar Kaavil

Movie: Midhunam

A song about lost dreams.


Movie: Spadikam

A song about memories sofly calling you back towards the past.

Doore Kizhakku

Movie: Chithram

A song about newlyweds being together.

Oru Dinam

Movie: Big Brother

A song wondering if good times will ever come again.


Movie: Panchagni

A song about blossoming love.

Mandara cheppundo

Movie: Dasharadham

An anticipatory song waiting for a child to be born.


Movie: Spirit

A song about yearning for your loved one’s presence at the death bed.

Athimara Kombine

Movie: Munthirivallikal Thalirkkumbol

A peppy song about being together.


Movie: Aaraam Thampuran

Jagan amazes everyone with a song.

Maanam Thudukkanu

Movie: Odiyan

A song describing beauty to a blind person.

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