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Poo Venam

Movie: Oru Minnaminunginte Nurunguvettam

A song about celebrating different festivals for the first time with a foster child.

Vannathi Puzhayude

Movie: Kaliyattam

A song about a beautiful lady visited theyyam grounds.


Movie: Sukrutham

A song about deeply hidden passion.

Kannadi Koodum

Movie: Pranayavarnangal

A song saluting a union.

Onnam Raagam

Movie: Thoovanathumbikal

A song about a love story unfolding around the temple.


Movie: Pakshe

A song about how pain stays with someone through the night.

Neermizhi Peeliyil

Movie: Vachanam

A song about unsaid love and not being each others comfort.

Thumbi Vaa

Movie: Olangal

A song which is an ode to wonders of childhood.


Movie: Advaitham

A very popular song about an imagined love story.

Allimalar Kaavil

Movie: Midhunam

A song about lost dreams.

Kannum Kannum

Movie: Angadi

An evergreen melody about attaction.


Movie: Spadikam

A song about memories sofly calling you back towards the past.

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