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Movie: Kudukku 2025

A folk song.


Movie: Njan Gandharvan

A song about a star which was abandoned by heavenly beings.


Movie: Advaitham

A very popular song about an imagined love story.

Allimalar Kaavil

Movie: Midhunam

A song about lost dreams.


Movie: Nakhakshathangal

A melodious song which expresses the beauty of a moonlit night on the riverbanks.

Kannum Kannum

Movie: Angadi

An evergreen melody about attaction.

Kanda Kanda

Movie: Valiyaperunnal

A rap song about a tiff.


Movie: Spadikam

A song about memories sofly calling you back towards the past.

Muthunne Kannukalil

Movie: Varane Avashyamund

An ode to the city of Madras/Chennai.


Movie: Varane Avashyamund

Neena reminisces Nikki’s childhood.

Vennila Chandanakinnam

Movie: Azhakiya Raavanan

Shankar reminisces about his childhood spent with his sweetheart Anuradha.

Oru Rajamalli

Movie: Aniyathipraavu

Sudhi wonders about the unknown beauty who captured his heart.

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