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Neena a french tutor lives in Chennai with her daughter Nikitha. The mom and daughter has a contentious relationship with Neena trying hard to appease Nikki while Nikki becomes increasingly morose. At times Neena is at a loss about what to do and reminisces the good times they have had when Nikki was younger. A short, sweet and touching song of mother’s love is from the movie Varane Avashyamund.

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Aadyam oru ilam thalodal aayi, kunju nerukil pathinju njan
Manju raavinte viriyaayi ninte mei pothinjathu njaan
[In the beginning as a soft caress, I impressed on the crown of your small head
I covered your body like a blanket on chilly foggy night]

Innolam kaaval irunnu njan
nizhal aayi nin chaare…nee ariyaathe
[Everyday until today, I safeguarded you
as a shadow near you… without you knowing]
Kaathorthaal nee kelkkum shwasangal, nin amma
Nee thedum…. amma
[If you listen closely, the breaths you hear…(is) your mother
The one you search for… (your) mother]

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