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Movie: Indraprastham

A melodious song about being in love.


Album: God

A song of repentance asking Jesus to show mercy and kindness and bring you back into his flock of sheep.

Amma Mazhakkarinu

Movie: Madampi

A song which expresses deep penance and forgiveness.

Ponveyil Manikacha

Movie: Nrithashala

A sensual melody about love described in terms of sights in twilight.


Movie: How Old Are You

A song which contemplates about forgotten dreams and the determination to grab them back.

Ini Raave

Movie: Ranam

A song about falling darkness and moving through it to get to what you want.


Movie: Devaasuram

A song expressing anger at being forced to dance.

Ariyathe Ninayathe

Album: Ninayathe

A song which expresses how the person you fancy makes you feel.


Movie: Odiyan

A folk song.

Oru Kathilola

Movie: Vettam

A song describing the beauty of a village.


Single: Job Kurian

An ode to the Creator who is present in all living things.


Single: Mridula Varier

A very poignant song calling out the struggles of womanhood.

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