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Movie: Nayattu

A song about a drunk octopus with wobbly legs.

Kannetha Dooram

Movie: Joseph

A song about a tear filled farewell to someone you never stopped loving.

Kuruvaa Kaavile

Movie: Star

A folk song about the sights and sounds of a festival.


Movie: One

A song about how populace stands with the law in support to the chief minister.


Movie: Charlie

A song about new dawn of life bringing beautiful moments.

Neela Maalakhe

Movie: Porinju Mariam Jose

A beautiful song about indecisive but longing love.

Maavilakudil Painkili

Movie: Ramante Edanthottam

A song about nature in a jungle.


Movie: Joseph

A touching lullaby.

Pandu Paadavarambathiloode

Movie: Joseph

A folk song rearranged for the movie.

Aethoru Sooryan

Movie: Ottakkoru Kaamukan

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A song about guilt.

Koodu Vittu

Movie: June

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A song about going away from home to achieve new things.


Movie: Udaharanam Sujatha

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Sujatha tries to prove a point by re-joining high school. 

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