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O Ponthoovalaayi

Movie: Ee Adutha Kaalathu

A song song about seeing world in a new light.


Movie: Aakashaganga 2

A song worshipping Bhairava.

Kurayunnilla Novennil

Album: Thodi

A song about sadness about the lover being far away.


Album: Rithu – Project Malabaricus

A song about how there is music in each color of each season.


Single: Chayappattu

A song about a romance on an evening with black tea.

Kuruvaa Kaavile

Movie: Star

A folk song about the sights and sounds of a festival.

Gandharva Gaayaka

Single: Shweta Mohan

A song in exaltation of an unparalleled talent – K.J. Yesudas


Movie: Vimaanam

A song describing the feelings of being in love.


Movie: Sathya

A sensuous dance song.

Madhu Chandrika

Movie: Ente Ummante Peru

A song sung on a girl’s wedding eve.

Etho Paattin

Movie: Ira

A sweet song about falling in love.

Moha Mundiri

Movie: Madhuraraja

An “item song” performed in a club.

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