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Movie: Sukrutham

A song about deeply hidden passion.

Kannadi Koodum

Movie: Pranayavarnangal

A song saluting a union.

Onnam Raagam

Movie: Thoovanathumbikal

A song about a love story unfolding around the temple.


Movie: Advaitham

A very popular song about an imagined love story.


Movie: Spadikam

A song about memories sofly calling you back towards the past.

Oral Mathram

Movie: Pathmavyuhathile Abhimanyu

A song about long wait and its melancholy.

Mandara cheppundo

Movie: Dasharadham

An anticipatory song waiting for a child to be born.

Nadavathil Thurannilla

Movie: Kambhoji

A beautiful slow melody about a waiting for a loved one to return home.

Kadal Shankhinullil

Movie: Chippy

A melancholic song about hardship and loneliness in pain.

Marakkan Ullathu

Movie: Kadhaveedu

A sad melody about separation.

Mizhi Niranju

Album: Daivam Ninnodukoode

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A beautiful devotional song sung by K.S. Chitra.

Kaadaniyum Kaalchilambe

Movie: Pulimurugan

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Murugan, a lorry driver, and Myna lives in a village at the edge of a forest with their daughter Chakki.

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