Just doing my contribution┬áto the world by translating Malayalam songs. ­čśÇ

My translations may have mistakes. Sometimes I do literal translations of words and sometimes figurative depending on my mood. In some, explanations will be provided in foot notes. You are welcome to politely disagree with any of those. Whether I’ll make any changes is my discretion.

All translations here are copyrighted to me unless stated otherwise. All movie posters and YouTube videos are copyrighted to the original uploaders of those.

I saw a few instances where the translations are copied word by word and posted on Quora as answers. Please give the reference link to my blog if you are doing it. I will find out if you didn’t and call you out, as I am also on Quora.

If you have Malayalam song translation requests please submit on Song Requests page.

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ps: I also blog at thumbivaa.wordpress.com. So if you find repetitions, do not get alarmed.

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