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Movie: Charlie

A song about new dawn of life bringing beautiful moments.


Movie: Varane Avashamund

A song describing the protagonist Nina.

Vathikkalu Vellaripravu

Movie: Soofiyum Sujathayum

A song expressing stirrings of love.

Chenthengin Charathu

Movie: Two Countries

A song about sharing dreams.

Kaanumbol Kaanumbol

Movie: Vikruthi

A song about espressing love.

Ororo Novin

Movie: Kolaambi

A song wondering when the pain will disappear.


Movie: Vimaanam

A song describing the feelings of being in love.


Movie: Dear Comrade

A song describing the feelings of being in love.


Movie: Nalpathiyonnu

A song reminding us of what real faith means.

Poo Venam

Movie: Oru Minnaminunginte Nurunguvettam

A song about celebrating different festivals for the first time with a foster child.

Vannathi Puzhayude

Movie: Kaliyattam

A song about a beautiful lady visited theyyam grounds.


Movie: Sukrutham

A song about deeply hidden passion.

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