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Living in North East US, a software engineer by profession. Wife to a workaholic, mom to a sweet little boy. Dinner maker, stuff fetcher and things finder (:D) for the boys. I love spending time with family on long walks in the woods and growing vegetables in our tiny little kitchen garden with my husband. Rest of my time is spent driving the kid around for his various activities.


Movie: Kolaambi

A song about quiet unexpected love.


Movie: Anugraheethan Antony

A song about describing someone you love.


Movie: Njan Prakashan

A song about a new outlook to life.


Movie: Madanolsavam

A song about pain in love.

Aarodum Parayuka

Movie: Kolaambi

A song about how compassionate happiness helps your heart.


Movie: June

A song about how memories stay through change of seasons and years.


Movie: Pranaya Meenukalude Kadal

A song describing Kavaratti island as a beautiful and welcoming girl.

The Celestial Nymph (Manassi Dussaham)

Album: A Dream to Remember

A Malayalam rock song by Agam about a maiden yearning in love.


Album: Navarasam

A Malayalam rock song about declining appreciation of art forms.

Aalam Niranjulla

Movie: Neeyum Njanum

A song raised in prayer.

Aalum Kolum

Movie: Ganagandharvan

A song about two souls meeting among crowds.

Chembarathi Kammalittu

Movie: Manikyakkallu

A song describing nature.

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