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Author: thumbi
Living in North East US, a software engineer by profession. Wife to a workaholic, mom to a sweet little boy. Dinner maker, stuff fetcher and things finder (:D) for the boys. I love spending time with family on long walks in the woods and growing vegetables in our tiny little kitchen garden with my husband. Rest of my time is spent driving the kid around for his various activities.

Madhu Pole

Movie: Dear Comrade (Malayalam Dubbed)

A sweet melody describing love

Moha Mundiri

Movie: Madhuraraja

An “item song” performed in a club.


Movie: Njan Gandharvan

Devan, a gandharvan, falls for Bhama as he tries to connect to the mortal life on earth..


Movie: Dear Comrade

A song of longing.


Album/Song: Joanna

A new romantic single by Najim Arshad.

Cheru Punchiri

Movie: Maheshinte Prathikaram

Mahesh quietly processes heartbreak after his girlfriend decides to marry another person.


Movie: Udalazham

A sad song in hope of seeing someone again.

Ore Kannal

Movie: Luca

A song about being together.


Movie: Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakeel

A fun(ny) song praising the local goon.

Nadavathil Thurannilla

Movie: Kambhoji

A beautiful slow melody about a waiting for a loved one to return home.


Movie: Luca

A song performed on a stage.


Movie: Ambili

A beautiful melody about love between two souls.

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