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Living in North East US, a software engineer by profession. Wife to a workaholic, mom to a sweet little boy. Dinner maker, stuff fetcher and things finder (:D) for the boys. I love spending time with family on long walks in the woods and growing vegetables in our tiny little kitchen garden with my husband. Rest of my time is spent driving the kid around for his various activities.

Madhu Chandrika

Movie: Ente Ummante Peru

A song sung on a girl’s wedding eve.

Nee Himamazhayayi

Movie: Edakkad Battalion 06

A beautiful melody about a couple spending time together.


Movie: Spirit

A song about yearning for your loved one’s presence at the death bed.

Vaanam Chaayum

Movie: Anarkali

A song of longing of separated lovers.


Movie: Love Action Drama

A melody about a lamp lit night combined with the beauty of nature.

Kudukku Pottiya

Movie: Love Action Drama

A funny song about a crush.

Etho Paattin

Movie: Ira

A sweet song about falling in love.

Athimara Kombine

Movie: Munthirivallikal Thalirkkumbol

A peppy song about being together.

Neela Maalakhe

Movie: Porinju Mariam Jose

A beautiful song about indecisive but longing love.

Madhu Pole

Movie: Dear Comrade (Malayalam Dubbed)

A sweet melody describing love

Moha Mundiri

Movie: Madhuraraja

An “item song” performed in a club.


Movie: Njan Gandharvan

Devan, a gandharvan, falls for Bhama as he tries to connect to the mortal life on earth..

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