Movie: Dear Comrade

A song of longing.


Album/Song: Joanna

A new romantic single by Najim Arshad.

Cheru Punchiri

Movie: Maheshinte Prathikaram

Mahesh quietly processes heartbreak after his girlfriend decides to marry another person.


Movie: Udalazham

A sad song in hope of seeing someone again.

Ore Kannal

Movie: Luca

A song about being together.


Movie: Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakeel

A fun(ny) song praising the local goon.

Nadavathil Thurannilla

Movie: Kambhoji

A beautiful slow melody about a waiting for a loved one to return home.


Movie: Luca

A song performed on a stage.


Movie: Ambili

A beautiful melody about love between two souls.

Maavilakudil Painkili

Movie: Ramante Edanthottam

A song about nature in a jungle.

Jeevante Jeevanaayi

Movie: Sameer

A cute melody about being in love.

Vanil Chandrika

Movie: Luca

A light melody about falling in love.

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