Ilam Manjin

Movie: Ninnishtam Ennishtam

A song about how love is a cozy feeling like a bird making a nest in the heart.


Album: Rithu – Project Malabaricus

A song about how there is music in each color of each season.


Movie: Guardian

A song about how lovers becomes a ghazal in each other’s dreams.

Pathinezhinte Poonkaralin

Movie: Vellaripravinte Changathi

A song about a rose tinted romance at seventeen.

Oru Swapnam Pole

Movie: Love Action Drama

A song about lies and deception was involved in making someone else theirs.


Single: Chayappattu

A song about a romance on an evening with black tea.


Movie: Neelakasham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi

A song about being onw with nature while riding.

Akaleyo Nee

Movie: Grandmaster

A song about wanting someone back.

Mele Meghakombil

Movie: Nalpathiyonnu

A beautiful melody about being in love.

Oru Dalam

Movie: Jalakam

A song about innocent love.

Manassin Muriyude

Movie: Tournament

A song about going on a fun trip with friends.

Kuruvaa Kaavile

Movie: Star

A folk song about the sights and sounds of a festival.

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