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O Ponthoovalaayi

Movie: Ee Adutha Kaalathu

A song song about seeing world in a new light.

Mele Meghakombil

Movie: Nalpathiyonnu

A beautiful melody about being in love.


Movie: One

A song about how populace stands with the law in support to the chief minister.

Hridayathin Niramayi

Movie: 100 days of love

A beautiful melody of love.


Movie: How Old Are You

A song which contemplates about forgotten dreams and the determination to grab them back.


Movie: Maheshinte Prathikaram

A song describing the beautiful district of Idukki, Kerala.

Neela Neela

Movie: Ente Mezhuthiri Athazhangal

A romantic song about spending time with your loved one


Movie: Charlie

A song about new dawn of life bringing beautiful moments.


Movie: Vimaanam

A song describing the feelings of being in love.


Movie: Nalpathiyonnu

A song reminding us of what real faith means.

Oru Dinam

Movie: Big Brother

A song wondering if good times will ever come again.

Orkkunnu Njana

Movie: Munthiri Monchan

A song about loneliness in love expressed with beauty in nature.

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