Tag: gopi sundar


Movie: Sathya

A sensuous dance song.

Madhu Chandrika

Movie: Ente Ummante Peru

A song sung on a girl’s wedding eve.

Etho Paattin

Movie: Ira

A sweet song about falling in love.

Moha Mundiri

Movie: Madhuraraja

An “item song” performed in a club.


Movie: Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakeel

A fun(ny) song praising the local goon.

Nee Mukilo

Movie: Uyare

A beautiful song about a hesitant expression of tangible love.

Oru Mezhuthiriyude

Movie: Vishudhan

A song about how love affects your life.

Kaattil Veezha

Movie: Uyare

An uplifting song about achieving your dreams.

Pathinettu Vayassilu

Movie: Uyare

An uplifting song for life.


Movie: Mili

A beautiful lullaby.

Paalthira Paadum

Movie: Captain

A song describing love a wife has for her husband.

Kaathu Kaathe

Movie: Argentina Fans Kaattorkadavu

A celebratory wedding eve song.

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