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Tessa is a quirky young artist who believes in having freedom to pursure her interests while her orthodox family tries to get her married to a person of their choice. She runs away from her home and decides to live on her own, cutting contact with her family. A song about the new dawn of life bringing beautiful moments from the movie Charlie.

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Akale… Akale…
[Far away… at a distance]
Akale… aaro paadunnuvo?
Akale… aaro paadunnuvo?
[At a distance… is someone singing?]

Antham illa kaalam, kondu vechathu aaru?
Aethu swapnajaalam, pala kallolam ennonam, ullu aake thullaattam aayi?
[These never ending days, who placed it here?
What are these dreamy illusions, like many waves, leaping in (my) heart?]
Chandam ullathu aano? Ulluaninjathu aano?
Aengi vittathe, oru ajnatha vismeya swargeeya sangeetham aayi,
[Is it beautiful? It it treasured in the heart?
Released with a yearn, like an unknown wonderful heavenly music,]
…nimisham atho?
nimisham atho?
nimisham atho?
nimisham atho?
[…this moment?]

Akale… Akale…
[Far away… at a distance]
Akale… neram* pookkum medu
Akale… neram pookkum medu
[At a distance…(there is a) meadow where day blossoms]
[Far away…]

*Neram literally means time, but I believe it is being used as a new day dawns for the protagonist here.

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