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The Celestial Nymph (Manassi Dussaham)

Album: A Dream to Remember

A Malayalam rock song by Agam about a maiden yearning in love.

Madhu Chandrika

Movie: Ente Ummante Peru

A song sung on a girl’s wedding eve.

Etho Paattin

Movie: Ira

A sweet song about falling in love.


Movie: Udalazham

A sad song in hope of seeing someone again.

Cherukadha Pole

Movie: Sudani From Nigeria

Majid conducts prayers for Samuel’s late grandmother.


Movie: Joseph

A touching lullaby.


Movie: Queen

A song during college festivities.

Paalthira Paadum

Movie: Captain

A song describing love a wife has for her husband.

Maanam Thudukkanu

Movie: Odiyan

A song describing beauty to a blind person.

Pandu Paadavarambathiloode

Movie: Joseph

A folk song rearranged for the movie.

Puthiyoru Paathayil

Movie: Varathan

Abin and Priya start a new life in a high range small town in Kerala.

Oru Mozhi

Movie: Ira

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A sweet melody about love.

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