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Akaleyo Nee

Movie: Grandmaster

A song about wanting someone back.

Manassin Muriyude

Movie: Tournament

A song about going on a fun trip with friends.


Movie: Vallikudilile Vellakkaran

A song about how a small path opens up for moving forward.

Arikil Ini

Movie: Adam Joan

A song about remorse and wanting to make it right

Oru Dinam

Movie: Big Brother

A song wondering if good times will ever come again.

Aalum Kolum

Movie: Ganagandharvan

A song about two souls meeting among crowds.

Ponnu oonchalil

Movie: Aaru Sundarimaarude Kadha

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A song about pampering your mother.

Mazha Paadum

Movie: Sunday Holiday

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Amal and Anu do door to door sales for charity and get to know each other better.

Ee Kaattu

Movie: Adam Joan

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A soulful melody from Adam Joan.

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