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Single: Chayappattu

A song about a romance on an evening with black tea.


Single: Mridula Varier

A very poignant song calling out the struggles of womanhood.

Kathorthu Kathorthu

Movie: Karnan Napolean Bhagath Singh

A song about expectantly waiting for the arrival of one’s lover.

Kulir Thennal

Movie: Sahyadriyile Chuvanna Pookkal

A song about little moments in love which only the lovers feel.

Ponchirathum Meghavum

Album: Shalabham

A song about returning to hometown neighborhood and the house you grew up


Movie: Soofiyum Sujathayum

A song about how God is everything.


Movie: Varane Avashamund

A song describing the protagonist Nina.

Vathikkalu Vellaripravu

Movie: Soofiyum Sujathayum

A song expressing stirrings of love.

Muthunne Kannukalil

Movie: Varane Avashyamund

An ode to the city of Madras/Chennai.


Movie: Varane Avashyamund

Neena reminisces Nikki’s childhood.

Kannil Vidarum

Movie: Kappela

A melody about falling in love.

Oru Dinam

Movie: Big Brother

A song wondering if good times will ever come again.

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