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Single: Ayyan-A Holistic Phenomenon

A song about Ayyappan, the deity of Sabarimala.

Kurayunnilla Novennil

Album: Thodi

A song about sadness about the lover being far away.


Album: Rithu – Project Malabaricus

A song about how there is music in each color of each season.


Single: Chayappattu

A song about a romance on an evening with black tea.

Parayathe Parayunna

Album: Kadumkappi – Oru Premaganam

A song about how a crush’s dark coffee-brown eyes is a dream in the protagonist’s heart.


Album: God

A song in the form of a letter to Jesus telling how much He means to the person singing.


Album: God

A song of repentance asking Jesus to show mercy and kindness and bring you back into his flock of sheep.


Band: Thakara

A song about life of an immigrant worker

Ponchirathum Meghavum

Album: Shalabham

A song about returning to hometown neighborhood and the house you grew up

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