The Celestial Nymph (Manassi Dussaham)

(Translation on request for EK)
This is a Malayalam Rock song by the band Agam. The beginning and end of this song, seems to be taken from Manasi Dussaham, a padam created by Swathi Thirunal Rama Varma, the Maharaja of Travancore kingdom (1813-1846, Wiki Link). Padam[1] is a light emotional love song which can be danced to and describes the relationship between a maiden and a lover, where the lover is God himself. It is usually sung as a conversation between the maiden and a third person, either a female friend or a bird. In this song[2], the maiden is telling her friend how the Lord has shown no mercy to her and how she is yearning for his touch.

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Panimathi mukhi baale, Padmanabhan innu ennil
Panimathi mukhi baale, Padmanabhan innu ennil
[Hey girl with beautiful face like the moon, Lord Padmanabhan, today in me]
kanivu illaykayaal kaaman paaram eyyunnu
kanivu illaykayaal kaaman paaram eyyunnu
[has shown no mercy, (and so) let the cupid hit me with arrows]

Aekaantha yaamam premaardra raagam
novu aayi paranneelleyo?
[At this lonely hour, this music of love
has it been spreading as pain?]
Paaram vimookham kannil vibhaatham
maaraala aakunnuvo?
[Exceedingly silent this dawn, in my eyes
is it spinning a web?]
Nin shyaama varnam chorunnu ee vaanam
peyyaayi pozhinjeelleyo?
[This sky which oozes your blue-black shade*
isn’t it showering as rain?]
En aathma thaapam, Meeraavilaapam
[This sorrow of my soul, these cries of Meera**
aren’t you melting even without hearing this?]
Ee raasa keli raavin marandam, naadhan thodaaykil neerunnuvo?
Naadha ninne thaedi…praanan pidanjeeduvathu en arike
[The sweet nectar of this playful night, is it burning in the absence of your touch, Lord?
Searching for you, O Lord,…my soul trembles in me]

Loka vaasikalku ellam lobhaneeyanaam indu
Loka vaasikalku ellam lobhaneeyanaam indu
shokam enikku maathram sumukhi tharunnathu enthe?
[The moon which is coveted by all the people who reside in this world,
why is it giving pain just to me, hey beautiful face?]
Aekaanthathil ennodu saadam cheytha leelakal
Aekaanthathil ennodu saadam cheytha leelakal
aakave mama kaanthan aashu vaka maranno?
[The acts of love which was done to me in private
(do you think) my lover may have forgotten all those?]

Manassu ithu saha vayyo madana kadanam enthe
madiraakshi njaan cheyyavoo?
[My heart can’t take this pain of love anymore
what am I do now, hey beautiful eyes?]



+++++ The additional lyrics between these are not part of Swathi Thirnal’s work, it is written by Dhanya Suresh.
*Here the blue-black shaded person refers to Lord Padmanabhan, the deity of Travancore kingdom, who is a reincarnation of Lord Vishnu.
**Meera here is referring to the 16th century poet and Lord Krishna devotee
+Image copyright to the original uploader.

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