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Album: God

A song in the form of a letter to Jesus telling how much He means to the person singing.


Album: God

A song of repentance asking Jesus to show mercy and kindness and bring you back into his flock of sheep.


Movie: How Old Are You

A song which contemplates about forgotten dreams and the determination to grab them back.

Olanjali Kuruvi

Movie: 1983

A song about carefree, rose tinted teenage love.

Kolussu Thenni Thenni

Movie: Cousins

A catchy fast-paced dance song.

Chirakulal Njan

Movie: Njan Steve Lopez

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Anjali is baffled why Steve doesn’t want to hang out with her anymore.

Eeran kattin

Movie: Salala Mobiles

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Afsal is taken with Shahana and daydreams about her.

Kaattu Mooliyo

Movie:Om Shanthi Oshana

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Pooja has a huge crush on the village hunk, Giri. She imagines a lot of scenarios where he’s the hero and the song perfectly captures the light hearted feeling of crushing after a boy in teenage.

Aethu Kari Raavilum

Movie: Bangalore Days

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The beauty of this song can only be understood if you understand the character Arjun. He has a disillusioned view of relationships and family from his divorced parents. When he meets Sarah, a paraplegic, he is amazed by her positive outlook and how she deals with life’s adversities. She’s like a breath of fresh air who brings light into his cynical heart.

Thumbi Penne

Movie: Bangalore Days

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Kuttan is a very adorable character. He meets Meenakshi; it seems to be his first experience with being in a relationship. This song rightly portrays his infatuation with his new girlfriend in those initial days of their love story.


Movie: Bangalore Days

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A peppy pre-wedding song showing the affection between three cousins – Divya, Arjun and Kuttan. The boys tease Divya through the song about marriage being an end to all the fun in life and how Divya harbors opposite dreams is what the song is all about.

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