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Movie: Premam

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George meets Malar, a guest lecturer at his college and strikes up a friendship. He’s really taken with her and in a short time falls for her. He is ecstatic when he finds out she has fallen for him too.

Thiruvaavani raavu

Movie: Jacobinte Swargarajyam

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Jacob is an NRI Malayali who owns a business in Dubai and he is actively involved in Malayali cultural gatherings where he lives. This song visually narrates the NRI Onam celebrations and musically, it takes all Malayalis on a tear inducing nostalgic trip.

Unnikale Oru Kadha Parayam

Movie: Unnikale Oru Kadha Parayam

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Eby, a good samaritan, takes care of orphaned kids on the hillside village he lives in. His style is unstructured and whatever he makes on the side goes into feeding and sheltering the kids. They unconditionally love him back and are fans of Eby’s songs and stories. This is a story Eby tells the kids about his constant companion, the flute he plays.

Pookkal, Panineer pookkal

Movie:Action Hero Biju

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Biju takes some time out of his hectic career in law enforcement to meet Benitta while she’s in his city for her artwork exhibition. They are two people in the new age going the traditional way of arranged marriage. The song has a 80’s – 90’s nostalgic feel to it which brings that contrast in forefront.

Kaattu Mooliyo

Movie:Om Shanthi Oshana

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Pooja has a huge crush on the village hunk, Giri. She imagines a lot of scenarios where he’s the hero and the song perfectly captures the light hearted feeling of crushing after a boy in teenage.

Thumbi Penne

Movie: Bangalore Days

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Kuttan is a very adorable character. He meets Meenakshi; it seems to be his first experience with being in a relationship. This song rightly portrays his infatuation with his new girlfriend in those initial days of their love story.


Movie: Bangalore Days

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A peppy pre-wedding song showing the affection between three cousins – Divya, Arjun and Kuttan. The boys tease Divya through the song about marriage being an end to all the fun in life and how Divya harbors opposite dreams is what the song is all about.

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