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Movie: Pavithram

A song about reminiscing childhood spent with your sweetheart.


Movie: Kabooliwala

A song about feeling like a burden on earth.

Iniyonnu Paadu

Movie: Golanthara Vartha

A song asking the heart to sing when your beautiful sweetheart appears before you.

Ilam Manjin

Movie: Ninnishtam Ennishtam

A song about how love is a cozy feeling like a bird making a nest in the heart.

Oru Dalam

Movie: Jalakam

A song about innocent love.


Movie: Njan Gandharvan

A song about a star which was abandoned by heavenly beings.


Movie: Ente Sooryaputhrikku

A song about how a mother and daughter missed each other and want to make up.

Thirike Njan

Movie: Arabikkatha

A song about how expats miss the beats of homeland.


Movie: Bhaaryamar Sookshikkuka

A beautiful old melody about falling in love.

Pacha Panamthathe

Movie: Nottam

A popular earworm of the 2000s.

Amma Mazhakkarinu

Movie: Madampi

A song which expresses deep penance and forgiveness.

Ponveyil Manikacha

Movie: Nrithashala

A sensual melody about love described in terms of sights in twilight.

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