Kisa Paathiyil

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Ah! The story of star-crossed lovers never loses its charm. Irfan and Anitha – Muslim and Hindu – Yonger and older – Engg. drop out and PhD. student – Rich and poor; cannot get any more complicated. A very socially relevant movie in a seemingly unorthodox, otherwise secular Kerala. The odds are stacked high against any couple if they want to be in an inter-religion/inter-caste relationship as the whole society strives hard to get them separated. This song conveys the fragile hope the couple clings onto.

When you figure out the movie is based on real events, it is unsurprising; heartbreaking nevertheless. To all Irfans and Anithas out there, I hope your story ends on a high note! <3

To listen to the song, click play:

Kisa paathiyil kithaab adachu, iru paatha pole madangilum
karayilla naam hathaasharayi, karale
[Like a book closed in the middle of a story, though we part on two paths,
let us not spend our tears or lose hope, my darling]
Kisa paathiyil ishal murinju udal veridum swaragathi pol
pidayunnavar puzhukkal naam engilum…
[In the middle of a story like a song which slips tune and breaks,
though we suffer like (worthless) worms…]
+Kisayathu thudarum; Nila pole, naamee
azhimukham anayum, ven thira malar maalakal…
[Our story will continue; Like (river) Nila, when we
meet at the bay, will those white waves with flower garlands… ]
…aniyikkumo?, mukil atthar* choriyumo?
[…adorn us?, Will the clouds rain atthar?]

Alayaazhi pon nilaavinaal izha cherthu raavu virichatho?
Ilavekkuvan vilikkayaai karale…
[Did the vast ocean weave golden moonbeams into the night?
It is calling us to bathe in the beams, darling…]
Ponnaniyil** purathanam pala dargakal uruvidumee
puka naambukal, japangal, naam engilum
[In Ponnani, like chants in those ancient durgahs, 
like wisps of smoke (from the incense sticks), litanies, (fragile like these) we are ]
+Karayaruthu inimel, mazha pole naam ee
…manalazhi thiralum; Kannima adayathe en, 
[Let’s not weep anymore, like rain we
…swirl with these sands; Without closing your eyes, ]
vili kaathu nee, shararaanthal oli pol,]
[wait for my call, like a hurricane lamp’s flame,]
[burn brightly for me…]

*Atthar – Perfumed oil used on body (ithr)
** Ponnani is a town in Malappuram district in Kerala. Malappuram has a high concentration of Muslims and it is host to many ancient mosques. The liberal sprinkling of Arabic words with Malayalam is a common way of speech in those areas, though the words may be pronounced a bit differently in the local Malayalam accent.(Kisa, kithaab, darga or even the movie’s name kismath).
+Read the next lines together till the end of the stanza.

++ Image copyright to the original uploader.

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