Oru Puzhayarikil

(Translation on request for RA)
This movie is about a middle aged married couple – Unnachan and Aniyamma. He is going through midlife crisis. This song depicts how Aniyamma feels about the missing spark in their marriage where she is practically forgotten and hopes he realizes her lingering feelings through this song. Beautifully tuned by Bijibal and sung by Shwetha Mohan with excellent lyrics from Rafeeq Ahamed.

To listen to the song, click play:

Oru puzhayarikil, cheru thanalukalil
ninnidaam oru nimisham
[On a river bank, under light shades
let me stand for a moment]
Mizhi nirayuvathum kaanaathe, chiri vidaruvathum kaanaathe
pakalukal raavukal maayumbol,…
[Without seeing my eyes fill (with tears), without registering my smiles
when the days and nights pass by,…]
oru puzhayarikil cheru thanalukalil
Ninnidaam oru nimisham
[on a river bank, under light shades
let me stand for a moment]

Veenu maayunna nilaavil mukil jaalakathinu pinnil
doore saagaram nokki oru mooka thaaravum nilppu
[Under the slowly disappearing moonlight, behind the window of clouds
and looking at the ocean afar, stands a silent star]
Idavazhiyil, ilayaal moodi
marayum oru en kaalppaadundo?
[In the bylanes, covered by leaves
are there my footsteps concealed underneath them?]
Kaanaathe karuthiya karivala than chirikalaal maravilundo?
Are they(footsteps) hiding along with the giggles of the black bangles (I wear) without showing anyone?]

Aadya laalanam aelkke, hridayaantharaalam ulanjum
Aarudeyo kinaavil, udalaake mungi alinjum
[With the first caress, shaking me deep inside
In some random dream, dissolving the whole of me]
maravikalil, panineer thooki
kulirum en neduveerppundo?
[in forgotten memories, exuding fragrance
offering pleasant chills, my sighs(are they)?]
aekaantha nishakalil punar janikkum smrithikalaal kadavilundo?
[Without realizing…
with the memories which take birth again on lonely nights, are they(sighs) staying on the river banks?]

Oru puzhayarikil cheru thanalukalil
Ninnidaam oru nimisham
[On a river bank, under light shades
let me stand for a moment]

+ Image copyright to the original uploader.

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  1. snehab bhattacharjee says:

    Thank you very much . One of my favorite song . Thank you for translating 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Radwan Ahmed says:

    I cannot enough thank you for your flowering effort spared on translating for us – non-malayale..Oru puzhayarikil has been published with facilitated translation on my request ….thanks thanks!! May God enlighten you with more knowledge and endless health & delight….Your Fan Radwan Al-sharerf, Arabic guy

    Liked by 1 person

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