(Translation on request for A84)
A song with deep, touching lyrics from Kumbalangi nights. This one feels like a father who is not in this world anymore, speaking to his son on how he will be watching over him always.

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Cheraathukal thorum, nin thee orma aayi,
tharaathe pom chaaruvaam ummakalaal,
[All through these lanterns, with fiery hot memories of you
with a bunch of beautiful kisses that were never given,]
chuzhalunnoru ee kuttaakoorirul
kazhiyolam njaan eriyaam
[in this swirling deep darkness
as much I can, I’ll burn]


Ulakin kadu novu aatum, thanuthoru pular kaatu aayi veeshidaam njaan
Ushassin nanamei thorthaan irangum veyil aayidaam
[Cooling the hard pain in the world, like a chilly wind in the morning, I’ll flow
Toweling off the wet body of dawn, like the sunlight, I’ll be]
Paaril oru oonjaal alayaayi njaan varaam…ninnaakasham aayi
Nirayunna oru ee kanneer kayangal, kadal njan karaeridaam
[On this earth like a swinging wave I’ll come… as your sky
These filling depths of tears, like the sea, I’ll encroach]


Makane…Njaan undu arikathu oru kaanaakkannottam aayi
Makane…Njaan undu akalathu oru kaaval maalakha aayi
[Hey son…I’m here close by as an invisible surveillance (protecting you)
Hey son…I’m watching over you from afar like a guardian angel]


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  1. Nice.. . May I know the songs I requested when they will be in your blog, dear tr . Thumbi . I cannot recall them as I guess I have requested a lot lol . .I am greeedy ..

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