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Album: Rithu – Project Malabaricus

A song about how there is music in each color of each season.


Single: Chayappattu

A song about a romance on an evening with black tea.


Single: Job Kurian

An ode to the Creator who is present in all living things.


Single: Mridula Varier

A very poignant song calling out the struggles of womanhood.

Gandharva Gaayaka

Single: Shweta Mohan

A song in exaltation of an unparalleled talent – K.J. Yesudas

Ponchirathum Meghavum

Album: Shalabham

A song about returning to hometown neighborhood and the house you grew up

The Celestial Nymph (Manassi Dussaham)

Album: A Dream to Remember

A Malayalam rock song by Agam about a maiden yearning in love.


Album: Navarasam

A Malayalam rock song about declining appreciation of art forms.

Sree Krishna

Album: Nandagopalam

A song about grieving at the foot of Lord Krishna.

Kanna Nee

Album: Nandagopalam

A song about Kurur Amma yearning for Kannan.

Kandu njan kannane

Album: Nandagopalam

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A song about seeing Kannan.

Poovu Chodichu

Album: Ennennum

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A song by Sujatha from the album Ennennum.

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