Vaathil chaari

(Translation on request for PL)
A song about an intoxicated half-moon night from the movie Trance.

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Vaathil chaari vanna thinkale
Raavil enthu thedi vannuvo, nee?
[Hey moon, who came in closing the door half way
What did you come searching for this night?]
Bheethi kondu paathi maanjuvo?
ninte roopam ardha bimbam aayi en munnil
[Did your half fade in dread?
(that) you appear as half disc in front of me]

Njaan kaanaathe…enthu aa thaazhil pootti nee, mookam aayi?
nee…kannaal moodum mantra theeyil mayangave
[Without me watching… what did you lock up with that padlock, silently?
while I lay enchanted in the magical flame you cover my eyes with]

Ee unmaadham…kinavo nero? Novu aayi marumo?
Ee swakaaryangal, vimookam thaane maayumo?
[This intoxication…is it a dream or reality? Will it turn into pain?
These secrets, will they disappear mutely on their own?]
Ee..mulmunayil* naame, anyonyam melle nokki nilpu
Naam… naamallaathaakunnu innu aetho vichaarangalil
[On this…sharp tip, we stay softly looking at each other
We…end up not being ourselves, in some thoughts today]

* Mul muna literally translates to ‘tip of the thorn’. Figuratively, mulmunayil nirthuka (to put someone on the tip of the thorn) is to put someone in an extremely anxious situation. So this line could also mean – On this anxious night caused by intoxication, as the protagonist is a drug user.
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