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A song about how memories stay through change of seasons and years from the movie June.

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Uyarum manjalayil, marayum innalekal
oru pookkalam, pozhiyumee ilakal
[In the rising waves of fog, are fading yesterdays
a spring, and falling leaves]

Manassile ormakal kurunnu pookkal aayi, vidarnnu ninnu
Adarnnoree mohavum koruthu cherthuvo, nirangal aale?
[The memories bloomed like budding flowers and stayed in the mind
Even the separating wishes, were they strung together with colors?]

Ariyaathe nenjinte izhakalil aaro,
neytha priyam olum aa mukham onnu kaanaan aayi, virunnu varaan aayi
[In the heart’s threads, someone
had weaved a lovely face, to see that, to visit again]
Piriyaathe poyoraa vazhithaaril
niraye pozhinja oru orma ponmaari thannil…nananju nee
[On that path which didn’t bifurcate,
in this shower of memories that fell in copious amounts…you drenched]

Thirike madangunnoru alakalile venn mantharikal pole
ormakal oori ninnille, niranja nilaavil?
[Like the white sand grains in the returning waves,
didn’t the memories silt through, in the full moonlight?]
Parayathe ninna vaakkil ellame
ariyaathe poya theeramohangal ninnil…kavitha aayi
[In all the words which were never uttered,
those never ending wishes which were missed, in you…became poems]

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