Murivettu Veezhunnu

(Translation on request for RA)
A song of despair when a loved one is taken from you too soon from the movie Naan Petta Makan.

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Murivu aettu veezhunnu neelakurinji
Sharam aettu pidayunnu kaadinte hrudayam
[The neelakurinji flower is falling down wounded
The forest’s heart pierced with an arrow is shuddering]
Malamuzhakki pakshi nilavilikkunnu
malakalil thatti athu maattolikkunnu
[The great hornbill is crying
striking the mountains it is reverberating]
Naan petta makane… naan petta makane
[Hey son, who I gave birth to…hey son, who I gave birth to…]

Chiri chundu keezhadakki mahaanagarikal
Chiri kondu chithram varachu nee hrudayathil
[(Your) smiling lips triumphed huge cities
With a smile, you painted inside (all our) hearts]
Chiri kondu chithal arikkathe nee kaakkunnu
samathayude samarangane chuvappikkunnu
[With a smile, you protect from termites destroying*
keeping the demonstrations for justice always red**]
Malakalil thatti athu maattolikkunnu
Naan petta makane… naan petta makane
[Striking the mountains it is reverberating
Hey son, who I gave birth to…hey son, who I gave birth to…]

Oru kodumkaattayi nee janikkunnu
Orumayude thanneer thadam niraykkunnu
[As a hurricane, you are born
You fill the water bodies of togetherness]
Pakaram illathoru prathishedam aakunnu
Pakal aayi nee chirikkunnu thaazhvarakalil
[You become a protest which cannot be resolved
You smile down as daylight on valleys]
Kaalam aa malakalil maattoli kollunnu
Naan petta makane…maram thanna thanale
[Time reverberates on those mountains
Hey son, who I gave birth to…hey shelter given by a tree]

*Chithal arikkukka literally translates to ‘termites feeding’. Termites usually feed on dead wood or old paper. In popular Malayalam usage, figuratively this means something has become old/obsolete. So to “protect from termites feeding on” something – be it an idea or a cultural norm, is to make sure you keep that relevant or prevent that from going obsolete.
**The color red has a significance here as the protagonist is a member of Communist party in Kerala. So that line means demonstrations given by Communist party for protecting justice.

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