Aethoru Sooryan

(Translation on request for RA)
A song about guilt from Ottakkoru Kaamukan.

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Aethoru sooryan varum ini oru puthu veyilinu thiri theliyaan
Aethoru neram anayum ivide arukadhayude churul azhiyaan
[Which sun will come for a new sunlight to be lighted?
Which time will come now to unroll this dreadful story’s mystery?]
Aayiram pizhathan karakal kazhukidaam
koorirul nirayum mizhikal vidaruvaan, sakhi
[(I will) wash off stains of a thousand mistakes
For the darkness filled eyes to be blossomed (brightened), my friend]
pakalilum iravilum pidayum karalumaayi
[During day and night, with a writhing heart]

Ennum pinthudarum karinizhalu pol itha
nammal kaiviralaal vala neytha paathakam
[Always following (us), like a dark shadow this
with our fingers, net of sins we weaved]
mullaal ulmuriyum aparaadhabodhame
[Like a thorn, it pricks the heart, the guilt]
Oru kaattin alayaal narupoovin hrudayam
ithal oornnu vazhiyil mizhivaarnnu mazha aayi
[By the wave of a breeze, the soft flower’s heart
fell off like a petal on the path, like brightened rain drops]

Aaa…pakalilum iravilum pidayum karalum aayi
[During day and night, with a writhing heart]

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  1. A beautiful, melodious song of 2019; Mridula Warrier sung the song so sensually …I liked it . .Thanx tr. For the translation ..May Allah bless you Tr. Thumbi and your loved ones . .

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